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Mutant Xpressions

Mutant X Fan Art
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This is a community for Mutant X fans and artists of all levels of expertise to interact, share information, and showcase their work. Please use lj-cuts for larger entries to spare those with slow computers. The resource list includes graphics tutorials, places to find screencaps, and other Mutant X-related livejournal communities. Our fanart recommendation thread is here; You can request screencaps here.

In order to make things easier to find, posts are listed by username in the Memories section, and are also tagged by category. Categories so far:

Admin Posts ~ Banners ~ Calenders ~ Challenges ~ Daily Screencaps ~ Discussions ~ Icons ~ Illustrations ~ Intros ~ Manips ~ Mood Themes ~ Music Videos ~ Promotions ~ Requests ~ Wallpapers

If you have a Mutant X fansite of your own, feel free to add it to The Great Mutant X Fansite Directory.

Have fun!

~Your maintainers: firstmutant and princessbryn

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